Gimlet – “Eclectic minimalism”

Located in a beautiful Ionian island called Meganisi and inspired by Japanese/Sushi cuisine, Gimlet – Wine & Cocktail Restaurant represents a combination of a minimalistic theory and architectural methods of the Greek Islands
Based on customers’ need for an eclectic cocktail restaurant in a eclectic location, the architect provided a design concept that empowers the philosophy of minimalism.
The contemporary materials which have been used on the surfaces follow the clean lines of Japanese architectural rules ideally. Finally, in absence of walls and ceiling at the exterior, perforated panels displaying “Meganisi & complex islands” initiates a game of light & shadows, sets the limits & creates a strong, memorable impact to the visitor.

Architect:Tasos Christofilopoulos / Dezone
Year of construction:2015
Photographer:Takis Nikolopoulos