Kolonaki – “Vintage City” design concept

The venue is located right across the seaside park of Loutraki, Greece, a district which used to be called ‘Kolonaki’ in the 70’s, a time during which the area prospered greatly as a summer destination. Thus, the name passed to the venue as a tribute and a means of establishing continuity.
Dezone’s aim in the concept design named ‘Vintage City’ is based on two fundamental elements: (a) The expression of modern urban element (Urbanism) through the use of construction materials which are combined with vintage objects (b) the deconstruction of a design journey which is originated in a past era and is concluded in the present city.
The concept analysis and the research resulted in the selection of innovative materials with a strong identity and primary texture with modern processing. The aim was to achieve their harmonious conjunction and create special atmosphere resulted by the affiliation of these materials with the lighting.


Architect:Tasos Christofilopoulos / Dezone
Year of construction:2015
Photographer:Takis Nikolopoulos